Speed Pulse Energic Glider

Speed Pulse Energic Glider

Our new glider ENERGIC is designed for modelers who are looking for a universal plane for dynamic flying and also for long thermal flights. With the latest profiles from the category F3B model glides very well even at high loads with ballast. The model is very stable with minimal effort in the fall of the drop. With full mechanization of the wing has a large range of speeds. Using hi-tech materials allows extreme loads in sharp turns and high speeds. The model comes in a full carbon version with Spread Tow fabric 80g/m2 on the surface of the wings. You can put up to ca. 900grams brass ballast to the wings and joiner.


Wingspan 2431mm
Length 1243mm
Wing area 40,4dm2
V-tail area (proj.) 4,2dm2
Airfoil section F3B special
V-tail section HD801 mod.
Flying weight 1500 - 2400g

Set up

Basic setting for Energic glider version (+ = down, – = up):

Elevator ± 4mm (measured in the middle)
Rudder ± 6mm
Ailerons + 5mm, –13mm

Thermal: + 1,5 – 2mm, mix Flaps to Ailerons 100% (measured at the root)
Speed: – 1mm, mix Flaps to Ailerons 100%

Butterfly: Flaps + 55mm, Ailerons – 6mm (measured at the tip), Elevator + 5mm

Snap-flap: + 4mm, mix Flaps to Ailerons 100%

Mix Ailerons to Flaps: + 1,5mm, – 4mm

Mix Flaps to Ailerons 100% means that both flaps have the same deflection.

CG: 95 – 97mm
You will need to put ca. 60-80g to nose (depends on used servos and equipment).

Equipment installation

Speed Pulse Energic Glider Speed Pulse Energic Glider Speed Pulse Energic Glider Speed Pulse Energic Glider




Full carbon set 1.099EUR

Cables and MPX connectors 25EUR
Cables ready soldered 40EUR
Aluminum thermo covers 50EUR

Spare parts:
Fuselage 195EUR
Wing (pair) 625EUR
Elevator 117EUR
Wing joiner 83EUR
Canopy 33EUR

The prices are with VAT and without shipping costs.

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